Vince Charles, our percussionist and steel drum virtuoso, passed away in the summer of 2001 following a short illness. We will always miss him for his musical contributions as well as for the spirit he added to our lives in Diamondville.

We remember that after most shows, when the rest of us were headed up to our hotel rooms to call home and visit with our families, Vince could inevitably be found in the lobby visiting with friends and new friends, fans and those who would become fans.

They were his family. He loved them and they loved him in a very special way. The tributes appearing on your internet message boards after his death touched us all and reminded us that Vince's orbit was larger than we and even he knew.

As we move along our way, take a moment to toast Vince with his favorite beverage or yours...and wave to him during our show. You can bet he'll be watching and playing along.