Our crew takes a back seat to no one, except maybe sometimes on the plane

Unlike our band, which seems to be flow along eternally, there are changes among our crew every time we go to work. Crew personnel work constantly, and availability often determines who can join us for a given tour. Still, many of the familiar faces pop up each time we gather, and we treasure that familiarity. Our crew works hard and plays hard and has a collective body of road knowledge that is encyclopedic. They make it possible for the Muzoids to do what they do, and they do so as quickly, quietly and efficiently as possible—we all have immense respect for them and the jobs they do, and when you speak to any of our crew members, be aware that their importance to our show is monumental. Give them some love, won’t you?

We have a lovely staff and crew.

Some are veterans and some are new.

Some are here and then are gone,

but tour after tour the heat goes on!