Stanley Miller has been Diamondville's audio terrorist for as long as anyone here can remember. Through loud and soft—admittedly it was more loud than soft—Stanley has been ready to twist a knob whenever it's needed.

Numerous articles have been written about the innovations in sound which have come from our tour, and Stanley is a bit of a celebrity in the world of decibels, but we never let it go to his head—because, after all, look what happened to his hair when it went there? If you want to know more about Stanley, there are links below which will tell you far too much about his achievements.

When we're not touring, Stanley and his partner operate a thriving bed 'n' breakfast called the Knickerbocker Mansion near Big Bear Lake in Southern California.

But when we're on the road, Stanley can usually be found in his room with his trusty Powerbook, managing his empire and helping others with their Mac questions. (Our Muzoids pushed Stanley into computers a long time ago, and he took the chip and ran with it all the way into a consulting business.)


Stanley Miller

“I Didn’t Change a Thing!”

Stan is on a

first-name basis

with many animals.

Right, Stanley in Australia, 1976. Note that his hairline has remained relatively consistent despite the passage of the decades, unlike SOME Touroids we won't mention here.

Above, Stanley poses with some of the old-fashioned equipment he no longer uses because it's so doggoned obsolete.