Tom & Alan (and lots of others)

”Taking America to America” (above left) is our latest, and it features most of the folks who have populated our stage.

The songs offer a glimpse at what goes on in our backstage world, and they tend to be a bit on the ironic side. Clicking on it will take you to the CDbaby site, where you can hear samples and read the comments of actual purchasers of that album (hint: they liked it).

Our keyboard duo collaborated on two albums (above, center), the top one being some snappy instrumental numbers, while the one below is their unusual take on Christmas music, some you know and some you don’t.

Again, clicking on each of the covers will take you to the CDbaby page for each album.

For added fun, drop in on the Jenkins-Peabody web site. Jenkins-Peabody is the “pathetic little label” which has released all of the works above, for reason which are both inscrutable and obvious.


King’s World

King Errisson, as you may know, has an active recording and performing career outside his duties with our band, and you can keep up on all of it by visiting his NEW web site (click on the picture above) as well as checking out his (now corrected) MySpace page here.

As you can see from the pile of covers below, you can acquire quite a collection of King Errisson albums if you’re handy with a credit card, so what are you waiting for?

The one at the top, “Conga Serenade,” is King’s latest, so if you check it out, that would be nice.


Hadley Hockensmith

Hadley’s recording is shown here with some reservations. It seems there have been some issues regarding financial matters that have left Hadley of a mind to discourage people from buying it.

Nevertheless, we’re showing you the cover here (and it links to a page where it may be purchased) because you might want to know. At Hadley’s request, we’ve deleted the cover of the sleazy reissue of the same CD which inexplicably portrays a woman taking a bath, even though Handel’s Water Music does not appear on the album.

Hadley is, after all, a man of religious principles, and cleanliness is next to godliness, so you can make your own statement here: abstain or jump into the tub or just wash your hands of the whole thing.



The Horndogz are always busy when we’re not touring. They’re young and fit and have a modicum of ability, and as a result they lead active musical lives, of which there is ample recorded evidence. Unless a jazz allergy causes you to break out in hives at the sound of a flatted fifth, you may want to check out some of what they’ve been up to.

Larry Klimas, for example, has parlayed his tenor saxophone skills into a starring role on the CD pictured above, and it is one which you may seriously wish to consider purchasing.

It’s not his only recording, but it’s his latest and we’re sure he’d really like you to know about it.

John Fumo has quietly turned out a few CDs over the years, teaming his trumpet with the agile voice of his wife Kelly for a distinctive sound which he labels Fumosonic. Have no fear—Fumosonic music may be played on standard sound reproducing hardware. No special equipment is required.

When we asked Art Velasco what he would like us to mention in this space, he thought about it for a while, as he usually does. Then he sent me of a copy he did a while back with Pancho Sanchez, and opined that if someone wanted to hear what he does, this was the best place to start.

The bad news is that we can find no albums for you on which the artist is saxophonist Don Markese. The good news is that you can hear him for free all the time, as he is omnipresent on sound tracks for films, television shows and commercials recorded in our funny little town. How do you recognize him? If it sounds good, it’s probably the Don.