Hello again!

We have once again hit the road to bring you the music you know and love in exciting settings. We’re doing a little tourlet in exotic Hawai’i right now. Then we’ll come back and gird up for our massive summer tour of the US and Canada.

Welcome to our little space on the web. Check out all the attractions linked from this page and you will be fully informed about all the happenings in the portable community of DIamondville, home of the Neil Diamond tour family.

If your interest is only in our vocalist, clicking on the picture of him up above will take you to his own web site, where you will find a lot of useful and interesting things about him and his extraordinary career, as well as our upcoming schedule all the way to October.

If you would like to know more about our band, click on the picture below and you’ll find more than anyone should need to know about this fine group of musicians. There are lots of previously-unseen pictures of our Muzoids at work and play, too, as well as suitable homage to the crew that keeps our show on the road.

The Diamondville Doings link take you to our on-tour blog, where Diamondville Tom (our pianist and the host of this domain) will once again spill the beans about meals and meanderings along the touring route.

When we are not on tour, he provides a confusingly separate blog called Downtime Doings, which contains whatever he chooses to share about what goes on during our off-offstage intervals.

The initials PBI stand for the Arch Angel Post-Bugle Intelligencer, our on-tour newsletter. The editor of that august publication (the very same Diamondville Tom) posts excerpts and reprints which he deems suitable for the general audience. Peruse it at your leisure, but don’t take anything in it too seriously.

Our Stuff is a page devoted to recordings by band members, with links to many projects which don’t get noticed elsewhere. Ignore them at your cultural peril, because they are mostly pretty terrific, albeit obscure.

And, of course, there’s a FAQ (Fabulously Abstract Questions) page, in case you have a need to know more than everybody else.



This is some obligatory small print for those of you with healthy vision and/or obsessive curiosity..

Diamondville is a privately created, designed and controlled entertainment web site which depicts the behavior of some of the onstage and backstage personnel associated with the Neil Diamond tour in a sometimes satirical manner, and nothing appearing on this site should be construed as representing the actual views, practices or policies of Neil Diamond or any of the various business entities with which he is associated. All materials appearing on the Diamondville web site are ©2003-2012 Tom Hensley and may not be re-used without written permission.

Okay? Is that good enough? How's this: If we've done anything to offend anyone, we're really, really sorry! And if you do anything to offend us, you’ll be really, really sorry! Have a nice time visiting here.

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