Wait just a flag-droppin' minute there! Who is that handsome devil hiding behind the vocalist and clutching Reinie's shoulder? Why it's Greg "Chico" Lopez, our veteran audio punk—the man whose smooth intoning of the word "testing" assures the company that every vocal subtlety will reach the ears of the multitude.

The occasion of this picture was an evening in 1999. We had just completed a show in Bakersfield in which Chico had bravely stepped in to play the drums after Ron Tutt was taken ill (see newspaper story below).

We say 'bravely' even though it required a phalanx of Muzoids gathered around Mr. Lopez en route to the stage to prevent him from fleeing the premises.

It was a truly heroic moment in Diamondville lore, followed by a second heroic evening in Phoenix before super sub Paul Leim was able to join up with us for the rest of that tour, and even though Chico has safely returned to his normal gig (thankfully, saith he), we know that he's listening to every moment of the show with two sets of ears—the soundman's and the drummer's.

And, since he has served as a Muzoid, he's now entitled to eat too much food whenever he wants.

When Chico left the Ricky Martin tour to return to his home gig, they threw a going-away party for him which is still being talked about in touring circles. Pictured at left is the collector's-item laminate pass which got its wearer into the party. Getting OUT of it was another matter, though!

At left: Greg KNOWS he's in Dublin. He's just not all that sure WHO he is! But after reading this page, YOU know who he is.